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ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4, SLHLA Exclusive, Blank Facsimile Edition 09.14.2021

ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4, SLHLA Exclusive, Blank Facsimile Edition 09.14.2021

SLHLA // Unknown Illuminati
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ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4, Bagley, SLHLA Exclusive, Blank Facsimile Edition 09.14.2021 

As the Ultimate Universe mourns the loss of Peter Parker- a new Spider-Man for the modern era makes his debut - and he's destined to be a star! The super criminal calling himself the Kangaroo is causing trouble in New York City- safe in the knowledge that Spidey is dead - when a young web-slinger wearing a familiar suit swings in to make the neighborhood his own! But who exactly is under that famous mask? Prepare to get your first glimpse of Miles Morales all over again! Plus: Reed Richards bears the scars of his recent ordeals - and he is determined to solve everything! And Valerie Cooper grapples with a huge secret that will change the world! It's one of the all-time great Marvel comic books- boldly re-presented in its original form- ads and all! Reprinting ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4. Rated T+


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