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Hulk #4 SLHLA Exclusive Marco Mastrazzo Trade 3.02.2022

Hulk #4 SLHLA Exclusive Marco Mastrazzo Trade 3.02.2022

SLHLA // Unknown Illuminati
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Hulk #4 SLHLA Exclusive Marco Mastrazzo Trade 3.02.2022

  • "SMASHSTRONAUT" part 4 of 6!

    As the mystery behind the Hulk's shocking new status quo deepens, Banner has piloted the Starship Hulk to an alternate Earth — one where Thunderbolt Ross is president, and he has an army of gamma-powered monsters under his command. Get ready for a surprise-filled, all-out brawl that only the insane minds of Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley can bring you!

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