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Star Wars: War of Bounty Hunters #1 Duuresema TRADE

Star Wars: War of Bounty Hunters #1 Duuresema TRADE

SLHLA // Unknown Illuminati
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Star Wars: War of Bounty Hunters #1 TRADE 

AT WAR FOR THE GREATEST PRIZE OF ALL: HAN SOLO! THE HUNT BEGINS! • Nobody. Steals. From BOBA FETT! The notorious bounty hunter will not stop until he gets what's rightfully his. For the thief- no corner of the galaxy is safe. Good thing for them that the REBEL ALLIANCE- THE EMPIRE and every bounty hunter in the galaxy is standing in Boba's way. • With a last-page reveal that will blow this Death Star-sized story wide open- Issue #1 is just the beginning. The biggest crossover in STAR WARS history will continue raging through the pages of the WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS event miniseries and tie-in to STAR WARS- DOCTOR APHRA- DARTH VADER and BOUNTY HUNTERS through October. • Only one hunter will be left standing- and the STAR WARS galaxy will never be the same! 40 PGS./Rated T

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